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 For questions regarding membership please email them to: membership@ewc.org

Complete your new member application and look for opportunities for summer activities for our new members on our Facebook page or under our events section. 

Complete your membership application: Here



The following eligibility criteria must be met to be considered for membership: 

Be at least 21 years of age by June 1st of the program year and be a resident of the city of Edmond as defined by her street address, live within the Edmond city boundaries, live within the Edmond School district; or have a significant interest in the Edmond Community. 


Once your application is completed and membership dues have been paid, your application will be reviewed and you will be placed into our provisional class for the upcoming year beginning Sept. 1st. 


  • $100 membership dues paid when application if submitted 
  • $100 Community Donation paid when application is submitted
  • One ticket purchased for Gala event
  • Members pay for their own meals at the monthly general meetings.  Meals are $30.

Attention Members: You are invited to submit a friend, neighbor or co-workers name/s.  Prospective members may be someone you don’t know personally but believe would be an asset/enjoy becoming a member.  Please direct them to our website to fill out a new member application so we can contact them when the new member drive starts!  

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