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It began as an idea… a thought… a conversation between friends: Edmond women volunteering, serving, promoting the cultural, civic, educational and social activities for the City of Edmond. Many Edmond women had belonged to service clubs and organizations in nearby Oklahoma City whose efforts benefited projects there. There was a desire by many women to put their talents, abilities and efforts to work for the benefit of their own community – Edmond. This is what brought five Edmond women together. Their vision began the effort to form Edmond Women‘s Club.

The Beginning: In 1983, Saundra Gragg discussed her idea with friend, Mary Ellen Tallerico. Together they shaped the focus of their vision of a cohesive group of women working toward the benefit of their own community. They invited three more Edmond women, Penny Glass, Mary Alice Nelson and Mitzie Shadid, to meet and further discuss forming such a group. It was decided by these five founders that the group would be based on two main principles: The organization would benefit the City of Edmond, and anyone willing to share in the responsibility could be a member, no voting on membership.


Edmond Women’s Club (EWC) is a volunteer organization composed of community-spirited women who have combined their talents to promote the cultural, civic, educational, and community efforts of the City of Edmond.  EWC provides unique opportunities for its membership to assist their community in financial and voluntary ways, to expand their abilities to best serve their community, and to experience fellowship with one another.


Promote the social, cultural, civic, and educational enrichment of the greater Edmond community and to foster the development of leadership and volunteerism among its members.


To provide monetary assistance through fundraising efforts to qualified organizations and scholarship recipients, to provide volunteer participation in various community projects and educational opportunities for Edmond.


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